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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Choose Dave Stabbert over another builder?

When you've built beautiful custom homes for over 50 years, you learn a thing or two about what quality really means, and where the pitfalls are in the building process and design.  Building your home can be an amazing life event.  Let our experience make this the best experience it can be.


Am I in control of the costs?

You control the budget.  That is why we created a streamlined process that provides the ultimate customer experience. Our open book policy allows you to actually watch the entire building process and provide instant feedback. There are no hidden costs or unwelcomed surprises. We work together so your home can be completed on time and within budget. Because communication is key in every relationship, rest assured we will keep you up to date through the entire process. 


What about energy efficiency in your homes?

Building efficiently helps save you money and protects valuable resources. Efficiency is important to us. Energy efficient homes provide lower utility bills and saves you more money over time. 

A few more thoughts to consider


Whether you have a young family and you are concerned with open spaces and maintainability or it’s your dream retirement home, your want a lifetime of livability.  We have over fifty years experience working closely with our customers to build homes that become a part of their lives.  We have never built the same home twice - every one of our homes are unique. “Cookie-cutter” homes can be detrimental to your financial investment. We pride ourselves in providing a much higher quality at competitive prices.  

Will your dream change over time?

Accepting the responsibility of building that dream is never taken lightly. At Dave Stabbert Master Builder we fully understand and cherish the confidence customers place in us. Customers come to us wanting a place to grow their family today, but can also be the place the next generation comes to love when they visit.  You have the comfort of knowing that your home was built right. 

Your project is a major life experience

We are dedicated to the proposition that our clients deserve to see their dream homes become reality as painlessly as possible. Both our in-house interior design team, and our subcontractors work with you to assure that every detail and desire is implemented in. We will build it just the way you want it!